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Cosmetic Design Academy

Cosmetic Design Academy

33 SE 4th St Suite 101, Boca Raton, FL 33432

T: 561-338-3124


The Cosmetic Design Academy is a micropigmentation training academy and top tier service provider for all Permanent makeup procedures.

The Academy provides a thorough, engaging, and hands-on experience to its students. Taking the mentor approach, we help you build a business strategy and give you the confidence and tools to be successful in your career. 

Clients wanting Permanent makeup will have their procedures performed by our Master PMU artist Sulema Trevino who will give you the beautiful and natural look you desire.

Call 561-338-3124 to schedule an appointment.

25 years ago, our founder, Sulema Trevino, started her career in permanent makeup.  Today, Sulema is one of the most talented PMU artists and instructors in the world.

Sulema has traveled the world performing her art on a long list of happy clients as well as teaching large and small groups how to become certified in micropigmentation.  Being certified by Sulema is more than a certificate, it means you were trained by the best and are now ready to perform the procedures on your own clients with confidence and accuracy.

In 2022 Sulema opened her newest studio, Cosmetic Design Academy, in Boca Raton Florida.  This is her largest training and service facility to date. 

Her skillful techniques, experience and eye for perfection make her a sought-after artist for all permanent makeup procedures and her newest training facility allows for a professional and relaxing educational facility for those interested in this rapidly growing beauty segment.

Our clients love the spacious, clean, and professional procedure rooms and our students enjoy the open studio space to learn and work together while classes are in session.

Click Here to meet Sulema Trevino, the founder of Cosmetic Design Academy.

Cosmetic Design Academy ServicesEyebrows
Have fabulous eyebrows every day.  Add hair strokes between your own hair and redesign your shape for a fuller look.

Cosmetic Design Academy ServicesMicroblading
Individual Hair Strokes drawn in a designer shape custom to each face, using advanced techniques appearing more realistic.

Cosmetic Design Academy ServicesEyeliner
Fine line, medium line with or without a flare or get a dotted technique to create the look of fuller lashes.

Cosmetic Design Academy ServicesLips
Define, reshape or make your lips look fuller and add volume with a natural color.

Cosmetic Design Academy ServicesScalp Micropigmentation
Look like you have shaven hair. It is the fastest growing solution for male hair loss with instantaneous, guaranteed results.

Cosmetic Design Academy ServicesAreola
Let us re-create the perfect 3-D areola after a mastectomy or breast lift. Choose your color and shape to fit you perfectly.

Cosmetic Design Academy ServicesScar Concealment
Cover any white or red scar with your matching skin tone.  Facelift scars, breast lift scars, tummy tucks.

We look forward to seeing you.

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