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Aqua Mizer, Inc.

Aqua Mizer, Inc.

4100 N. Powerline Rd Suite X-4, Pompano Beach, FL 33073

T: 954-906-0220


Introducing the revolutionary AquaMizer Flush System. The AquaMizer Flush System helps you prevent water waste and get the exponential ROI you deserve. The patented AquaMizer is the only flush system proven to prevent water waste and reduce water usage by up to 52%. Installing the AquaMizer flush system is an easy way to take control of your water costs and increase ROI without making any major changes to your property.

Aqua Mizer

How the AquaMizer Flush System works. A superior toilet tank innovation.

  • Controlled tank & bowl fill rates
    • Eliminates Water Loss During The Refill Cycle by up to 15%
  • Creates higher velocity flushes
    • Reduces clogs & insure waste clears vent stack
  • Stops all running & leaking toilets
    • Save thousands of gallons of water a month, limiting toilet maintenance calls
  • Set it & forget it installation
    • Commercial-grade materials with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty

Reduced water volume per flush
UL Verified & Green Circle Certified to use 41-52% less water per flush

A real system that works in harmony to create high-performance toilets When the toilet is flushed, the unique flat flapper valve opens to a full vertical position allowing water to exit the tank with minimal obstruction. As a result, the flush velocity is so strong that the bowl can be effectively flushed using as little as one gallon of water, rather than a full tank.

Every AquaMizer Flush System is backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

Save money

Using less water reduces your monthly water bill and reduces regular maintenance costs. Plus, rebuilding your flush system is half the cost of replacing your toilets.

Maximize toilet performance

The AquaMizer flush system reduces water volume per flush and creates higher velocity flushes to keep your toilet operating at maximum efficiency.

Prevent water waste

The AquaMizer flush system eliminates leaking and running toilets that are responsible for 85% of all water waste and put you at risk of catastrophic flooding.

Prevent leaks and flooding

The AquaMizer flush system balances the refill rate of the toilet bowl and tank to maximize the flush cycle and ensure none of the water is wasted.

Aqua Mizer Certifications

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